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Toilet Bowl Leak Repair

Of all the places in your house, one place which is very important is your toilet. That is essential and you can’t do away without having a toilet and a toilet bowl too. As long as your toilet and toilet bowl function well, everything is okay and chill. But what happens when your toilet or toilet bowl start to leak? A leaking toilet bowl can be a horrible sight to watch and what can be even worse is what you have to do when there is leakage. A leak means a lot of water being wasted which is a bad thing. If a leak is left unattended, it can spoil your entire toilet and eventually your bathroom too.

There can be several reasons for a leak in your toilet bowl. Let’s discuss a few of them below so that you know what to look out for when such a situation arises!

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Causes of a Toilet Bowl Leak

  1. Damaged flapper

A flapper is made of rubber or plastic and it acts as a barrier between the tank and the bowl. When one flushes, it lifts and the water flows from the tank to the bowl. Once the water is let out to the bowl, the flapper gets back to its position and water fills in the tank again. A flapper however, is not immortal and is bound to get damaged some day. When that happens, it will no longer be able to control the water from the tank to the bowl which will eventually lead to a leakage.

  1. Cracked Supply Line

How does water flow into your toilet’s tank? Well, through a cold supply line. The supply line is closed and no leak appears as long as the line is closed. But incase of any crack or damage to the supply line, it may start to leak. The intensity of the leakage will depend on the damage caused. In a normal situation, you’ll find a little water around your toilet but in more serious cases, you can see a flood too!

  1. Crack on the tank or bowl

Your toilet and toilet seats are meant to last forever. They are strong and durable. However, there will be times when cracks can develop on them which can cause a leak.

  1. Damaged tank

There can be a time when the tank itself gets damaged and you will start to see water around the toilet bowl and in your toilet as a whole.

These are some common reasons why a toilet or a toilet bowl leak. However, what is good about this article is that you no longer have to worry about what to do incase such a leak happens in your house. Why? Because, all you have to do is call us and schedule an appointment with us. The rest will be taken care by us and we will make sure that the right repair is done and you don’t have to face a leakage again!