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WashBasin Tap/faucet Installation & Replacement

Wash basins are one of the most basic necessities in our houses. A water container connected with a faucet on the top to provide water and connected with a pipe at the bottom to drain water is what wash basins are in a nutshell. Faucets are most commonly made from brass and stainless steel. Materials like cast zinc, chrome plated plastic, etc are also used.

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The faucets attached to wash basins have a variety of choices and types right from simple ones to the fanciest models. Some of the most installed faucets types are:

  • Compression Faucets: Compression water faucets are undoubtedly the most common faucets used in market. The functioning of these taps are quite simple. You twist the handle until it tightens and stop the water flow completely. Compression faucet is one of the oldest type of faucets.
  • Cartridge Faucets: These are quite similar to compression faucets but instead of tightening the handle, the water is brought to a sudden but firm stop by raising the catridge through the handle. The water pressure is also adjusted due to the catridge.
  • Ball joint Faucets: Ball joint faucets use a single handle to adjust water pressure by using the up and down motion and adjust the temperature by using sideways motion. These faucets are highly immune to leaking
  • Disc Faucets:Disc faucets are relatively new and it’s also an expensive choice available in the market. But these are worth the investment as they’re extremely durable. These faucets are made up of two ceramic discs placed on the bottom of catridge.


No matter what type of faucet you wish to install, quality stays the number one priority. This is why we promise to facilitatethe premium quality products for the replacement or installation of faucets for your wash basins. Our skilled team of experts make sure to provide you the best customer service so don’t hesitate to contact us!